Cell phones in the classroom can be a teaching tool, but sometimes they're just a distraction. Find out what this creative teacher does with cell phones during her time with students.

Karen Holeczko, like a lot of teachers today, struggle with students and cell phones in the classroom. She saw an idea of a teacher using a shoe organizer as a way to take attendance. Karen says she took that idea to a whole new level. "I had a bunch of donated fabric so I quickly (and sloppily) sewed it together. The kids were a bit weirded out but OK with it."

Karen Holeczko
Karen Holeczko

Karen, who teaches High School Home EC (foods and interior design) will continue to use the idea long term if she has to. "We start the next semester after finals/midterms next week, so if I have to, yes I will keep using it. One of the other teachers has the kids put their phones on a tray by the door. I think it's too easy for someone to grab another kids phone. I could put the kids names on each section if I had to," she says.

Do you think this a good idea? If you're a teacher - what do you do about students and cell phones? Leave your comment below, and join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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