It was a very scary scene atop Mount Beacon, in the Town of Fishkill, right in the middle of Hudson Highlands. Two hikers were injured during a hike in the mountain range on Sunday, which led to a harrowing rescue before it was too late.

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Two Hikers Rescued from Upstate New York Mountain By Volunteer Ambulance

As reported by ABC News 10 in Albany, New York, two injured hikers were rescued late on Sunday, August 7th off of Mount Beacon in Dutchess County, New York.

Beacon Volunteer Ambulance were the first on the scene, and according to the report, were aided by another group of hikers in their pursuit of the injured duo. It took over an hour to locate the injured hikers, but as the night grew darker on Sunday, they were finally found and removed from the scene.

Just how dire was this rescue? News 10 continues that the hikers were brought down safely from the mountain, and placed on advanced life support for their medical transport. While specific details about the kind of injuries have not been disclosed, it appears as though the hikers were rescued in the nick of time.

The Beacon Volunteer Ambulance Corps posted the following on Facebook:

Hiking anywhere in Upstate New York can give you some of the most incredible, magnificent views that you'll find anywhere in the world. That said, hiking is also inherently dangerous, especially when it comes to scaling mountains.

Every safety precaution that you take, even if they seem absurd or over-the-top, could be the difference if an accident occurs.

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