If you wanna go to Legoland, the current states to visit are California and Florida, but we hope soon there will be a third and closer one in New York. Back in May of 2016 we learned that Legoland wanted to build a new park in downstate NY in the town of Goshen. As of a week ago, the land has been secured and they've already begun clearing the site, but not without issues.

One hiccup is that some local residents don't want the park there and tried to get a restraining order which failed and they're now seeking an injunction next week. The other problem is that the company who owns Legoland only has until March to clear the 500-some acres because of a law protecting a certain species of bat that roosts in the area. If this is delayed by another month, the park won't open in 2020 which is their target year.

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