If your kids love Legos, they're going to love the newest addition to Destiny USA. Fresh off the construction of the Legoland New York resort in Goshen, NY - a Lego Store is slated to open in Syracuse this fall.

According to Syracuse.com, the store will offer an “immersive” Lego experience with a variety of products, hands-on building and play, promotions and events.

Not only will the store have multiple interactive experiences, including building your own mini figure, the "pick and build" wall (which allows shoppers to hand pick and purchase specific bricks and elements in different shapes and colors in bulk), the "living room" play area and more, but it will also feature different Lego model displays around the entirety of the store. I love seeing those kinds of things, SO AWESOME.

This will be the third store that Lego has opened in Upstate New York. There's one near Rochester and one in the Albany area. All together, Lego has opened over 100 stores in North America.

I know my two seven year old cousins will want to stop in every time we head to the mall to see if they can find a new model to put together. On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited will your kids be? If they love Legos as much as my cousins do, I bet that's closer to an 11 - and you won't ever be able to go to Destiny without stopping in.

[H/T Syracuse.com]

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