As Labor Day Weekend comes to a close and we gear up to get our kids back to school and ourselves into the swing of Fall, we're injecting some extra summer-flavored party songs into our playlists on Oldiez 96 for our Last Blast of Summer Weekend brought to you by First Source Federal Credit Union. Many songs bring movies to mind and this weekend and as some of you say goodbye to your vacation homes up north, that brings to mind a movie that I still laugh hysterically at it... Well I laugh at anything with Bill Murray in it actually!

You remember this flick right? Bill Murray's character Bob suffers from OCD and after getting happily and manically ditched by his previous doc, Bob is forwarded to Richard Dreyfuss (expertly playing his new psychiatrist), except the good doctor is about to take off on his vacation and the last thing he really needs or wants is a patient, much less one as lovable but clumsily messed up as Bob turns out to be!

Anyway, long story short Bob ends up tracking 'Dr. Leo' down at his vacation home and unwittingly wrecks his vacation and his career even to the point of accidentally blowing up his beautiful and obviously expensive lake-front property... Oops! Here's arguably the funniest clip in the movie and foreshadows Dr. Leo's eventual crossover into crazy-land: