A house on the water is beautiful. Unless it's during a harsh New York winter. One beach house on Lake Ontario is now an ice house due to high water levels, windy conditions and low temperatures.

The Summer home at Romona Beach in Pulaski is under 4 feet of ice. "My heart is broken," writes Berta Smith on Facebook. "Many memories on this beach I grew up on."

Photo Credit - Berta Smith

Maureen Morgan Whelan owns the home that has been in her family for more than 8 decades. "The high water levels are awful. Something needs to be done. 50 years of living there nothing like this never happened."

Photo Credit - Berta Smith

Whelan family members and friends spent the weekend chipping ice off the Summer home to minimize the damage.

Homes along New York waters being covered in ice is nothing new. In 2017 a house off Lake Ontario in Western New York went viral for the massive amounts of ice that formed.

There was even the car that was covered in ice after being parked by Lake Erie in Buffalo.