I think Lady Gaga has the most beautiful voice. In this particular performance we are not distracted with crazy makeup, costumes or props. Julie Andrews is close to tears.

Kevin Winter/GettyImages
Kevin Winter/GettyImages

With no meat dress, no crazy make-up, no crazy props and just a beautiful voice. Wow we were not distracted and could really enjoy the performance. Sometimes she gets us going in so many different directions that we forget how incredibly talented she is. Here is a piece of last nights performance at the Oscars.

She actually performed a medley of songs for The Sound of Music. It was so beautiful. It looked to me like Julie Andrews was close to tears. What a moment for Lady Gaga to have her there and surprise her.

This is what Facebook friend Ellen Bay has to say "It's hard to believe Lady Gaga a soprano!! It was the best rendition of an iconic music that had lived for half a century!!. More so unbelievable that the person who made it famous was there to witness Gaga sings it and made it even more spectacular!"

I couldn't have said it better myself Ellen. I agree people do forget she was classically trained. She currently has Cheek to Cheek on sale with Tony Bennett . She can sing anything!

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