Pulp Fiction is arguably the definitive '90s film — and according to a persistent rumor, it could have starred a couple of '90s rock icons in supporting roles.

That rumor's just one of the facts gathered up by our friends at ScreenCrush for the Pulp Fiction edition of their You Think You Know Movies? video series, which you can watch above, and it comes courtesy of Courtney Love, who has claimed for years that writer-director Quentin Tarantino offered her and Kurt Cobain roles in the film.

The duo, then a rock power couple thanks to Cobain's status as the frontman for Nirvana (and Love's work with Hole on the soon-to-be-released Live Through This), were allegedly approached about playing Lance and Jody, a drug dealer and his girlfriend who make a brief but memorable appearance. According to Love, Cobain turned down the offer, and the parts eventually went to Eric Stoltz and Patricia Arquette.

The story has resurfaced repeatedly over the years since Love initially made the claim in an interview, and it seems just wacky enough that it might be true — especially given that it isn't difficult to see Cobain and Love playing the parts in question. According to the Daily Express, however, you might want to take it with a grain of salt: As the paper puts it, Tarantino "denies ever offering Kurt the part, or even meeting him."

That's just one of the stories covered in the video — just hit "play" on the clip to check out the rest, and follow ScreenCrush's YouTube channel to stay on top of future installments.

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