There's a new food option you can try at Sangertown Square - The burger joint "Kraze Burgers" is now open.

Back in July, Sangertown announced a new burger place was opening in Center Court in the fall, and now it looks like that day has finally arrived. "Kraze Burgers" isn't just your regular hamburger or cheeseburger place - They were originally founded in South Korea, and they offer unique flavors inspired from the company's South Korean roots along with traditional American burgers.

Kraze Burgers uses premium ingredients including 100% hormone-free, top-quality natural beef. They also have healthy alternatives like turkey patties, tofu patties, and veggie patties. And the really cool thing about this new burger place? They allow you to make your own customized burgers (if you choose to do so) - You can pick what bun you want, the patties, what toppings you like, and then top it off with one of their signature "Kraze" sauces.

Kraze Burgers also has a variety of sandwiches on their menu.

So the next time you're at Sangertown Square (maybe doing that holiday shopping), stop by Kraze Burgers and give them a try!



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