This morning a fox was spotted at a park in Rome, and it looked to be carrying a dead animal in its mouth. Be on the lookout!

Although it isn't really all that much of a rarity to actually see a fox in public, it can be a little worrisome. According to the Humane Society, a fox typically won't even go near a human. Obviously, that is certainly a good thing. Sometimes though, they might associate a human with getting food, and then it can end up becoming quite a problem. A problem made even bigger as the one spotted this morning actually was seen near a playground at a park in Rome.

The park where James Chase spotted the fox was Wright Hazelton Park in Rome. It was trotting through the actual playground and more than likely could still be in the area. Being the middle of summer with kids out of school, parents with their kids here should keep an eye out for it.

It also was spotted as you can see in the picture above with a dead animal in its mouth. Judging by the size, one could make a safe assumption that it was indeed a squirrel that the fox had decided to prey upon. As noted above, a fox will more than likely go nowhere near a child or a human in general. It may still be wise to keep your eyes peeled and on the lookout if you do see the fox.

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