Alex Bay is home to quite a few attractions, but it also holds a Guinness Record because one of it's thousand islands, Just Room Enough Island, is actually the world's tiniest inhabited one.

No joke, the island is actually called that and it's easy to see why. Even the tree that's on the island looks like it's about to fall off! Were it not for the people living on it, the tennis-court-sized island would just be a normal piece of land that likely no one would notice or use save for the wildlife. Ironically, the inhabitants built the house on the island as a private getaway, but it's safe to say now that that was a slight misstep.

While writing this piece, I got to thinking: does the family have a car on the mainland in a private garage somewhere? Were the house not there and being that it's the size of a tennis court, what would it be like if people actually played tennis on it? They probably don't have a dog because taking it for a walk is, well impossible. Also, the obvious question: what about erosion and rising water levels?


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