Okay, I know you're probably sick of seeing the mention of any snow at the tail end of April, but we may see just a little bit this week.

It looks as if the Utica-Rome area will see something, but only enough to make you mad for seeing flurries. According to NYUP this area of the state should (Hopefully) only see roughly half an inch tomorrow night. Obviously, that may change. If the temperature falls we maybe see more. If the temperature rises, we see nothing.

At this point, I am completely fine with April showers. I mean, it's just part of what April should typically be. I am even fine I suppose with temps in the upper 40's, although I would like to see that go away until October-November as well. But snow? Nope, snow can go away and stay away in my opinion.

If you're planning to be out in Western New York.. That is a whole different story. Buffalos National Weather Service office, according to NYUP, has actually issued a Hazardous Weather Advisory calling for up to around 5 inches of the powdery white stuff. So I guess maybe look on the bright side of things, at least we aren't in Buffalo.

They are also reporting the Adirondacks to see a little accumulation and the same goes for Syracuse. 'Cuse is calling for an inch or two which is just enough to be a meddling problem. Another positive is that it's been fairly warm the last week or so, more than likely it won't stick to the roads that much if we actually do see anything.

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