The importance of proofreading before publishing becomes painfuly clear today as several someone(s) at the Post Standard in Jamestown forgot to do just that before the paper went to press. The headline for their piece on Julia Roberts was supposed to read "Julia Roberts Finds Life And Her Roles Get Better With Age" But instead, the word 'Roles' was mistakenly substituted with 'HOLES.'

I can identify with their plight as we're all encouraged to proofread our pieces for precicely this reason, but you know: distractions, deadlines, stress. And what's worse is this error can't be corrected with a quick online edit as it was printed on good old-fashioned newspaper to thousands of customers! Be that as it may, these sorts of perfectly-placed errors (without being orchestrated) are quite rare and we can only hope that when Julia Roberts got wind of this that she laughed too and that the poor author and his editor will keep their jobs as unlike Julia Roberts roles (or holes), our mistakes DON'T get better as we age... Except for this one!

Read the actual article and more details surrounding this gaffe at

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