With the holidays quickly approaching, Journey guitarist Neal Schon is spreading the Christmas cheer everywhere he goes these days, especially when it comes to his son’s high school alma mater in Northern California.

On Thursday (Dec. 8), Schon and his girlfriend, Michaele Salahi, swung by the Bay-area located San Rafael High School for its annual Christmas Tree sale. Schon and Salahi reportedly browsed the lot of trees, before settling on an 18-footer, which happened to be the largest tree available for purchase. All proceeds that are being raised from the sales of the trees goes directly to the school’s music program, which Schon was obviously more than happy to support.

Before walking off with their new Christmas tree, Schon also gave back to the school in another huge and generous way. The musician donated a rare, custom guitar to the school that was signed by all of the members of Journey, to be put on display. Schon also gave San Rafael High School two copies of Journey’s ‘Eclipse’ CDs, both of which were also signed by the band.

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