Take a look at how sweet these are! Every now and again everyone has something really cool happens and that is exactly what happened to Paul Cummings from Honeye, New York (kind of by Rochester).

You may not know who Paul Cummings is, but you may already know his work. He is the owner of the Charred Flag Factory. He makes these beautiful wood, commemorative plaque projects out of wood. He chars the wood and you will see almost always an American flag in the background and then, in the foreground, you will see whatever the theme of the piece is: it could be a sports team, a certain band, anything really. They are really cool to give as a gift.

Paul made one for Buffalo Bills General Manger, Brandon Beane after the Bills won the AFC East division for the first time in 25 years LAST YEAR. He received a picture from Beane having it hung up on a wall with Beane in the picture. Now. it's time to get one up on Beane's wall for 2021-2022. Josh Allen got one, too. But, maybe, as Paul says it, something more flashy can be substituted...cough...like AFC Champs or something like that...cough.

Take a look at the latest piece that Paul and the Charred Flag Factory has made, that you can have in your house! If you want to contact Paul to do a piece for you or maybe for a gift, you can contact him here.

Fingers crossed that after this weekend in Kansas City we can take care of business one more time and change out that AFC East Champs for something a little bit bigger and better.

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