Fashion is fluid. Trends in clothing style change quickly -- sometimes too quickly to keep up with. And it's not uncommon for current trends to borrow from the past. But why, God, why? Why have these high-waisted monstrosities become so popular again? We're guessing maybe it's a reaction to the super low-cut jeans that were all the rage just a few years ago. But there's more to this disturbing trend than just backlash.

OK, we're speaking directly to the young folks now -- the millennials responsible for attempting to summon the '80s back to life like some embarrassingly dressed zombie. Hear our words: the '80s were not cool. If you doubt us, just watch the above video.

That's what you look like. That's you, climbing out of a swimming pool in jeans. That's you, hiking your leg up on that car. We're not trying to be mean, honestly. We are only here to help you. You are heading for a world of embarrassment, of trying to hide all of those pictures of you in ragged, high-waisted jean shorts and that leather headband from your children. You won't be able to. Your children will find them and laugh at you.

At some point in the past 20 years, fashion trends stopped borrowing little influences from the past and simply started recycling those trends completely. We collectively lived through the terrible hippy fashion of the '60s 10 or so years ago, which was sad, since the clothes were the worst part of the '60s.

Then the same thing happened with the '70s. Now we're being forced to relive the '80s. And let us warn you now: The popular fashion of the '90s may be the worst of them all. Just watch the video below if you don't believe us.

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