Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer knows a thing or two about how personality conflicts can mess up a band, and he says the past and present members of Kiss and Guns N' Roses need to bury their hatchets.

Kramer weighed in on two of rock's biggest feuds during a recent interview, shrugging off the debate over whether Kiss should play the Rock Hall ceremony by saying, "I think people need to lighten up a little bit and not take things so goddamned seriously and make everything so important. It's, like, hey, it's life. S-- happens. You've gotta roll with it and let's just make the best of it and have fun. Problems and issues will always be there and they'll never leave our side, so the object is to have a good time and make fun out of whatever we do. And those guys have had a very fruitful career. They've got nothing to complain about."

That doesn't mean he thinks exiled founding members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss should supplant current Kiss members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, however. "You have to recognize the fact that there's two other guys that have been in the band for the last 12 or 15 years," conceded Kramer. "I mean, can you just ignore them? Is that fair? From my point of view, I think, basically, they should all play. And yeah, it's only the original four that are getting inducted into the Hall Of Fame, but I think they should all play."

And as far as Axl Rose's determination to drive the Guns N' Roses brand without input or participation from the guys who helped record 'Appetite for Destruction'? "The bottom line is this: it's whether or not they really care about their fans and the people that made them and got them to where they were," argued Kramer. "Because that's really what it's all about."

"Basically, because they have personal grievances with one another, everybody else is being held hostage and can't hear the music that they love to play and they love to hear. So, you know, it's not really fair," he continued, adding a comment that might say something about how Aerosmith keeps things together: "You know, you can get to a point where you just deal with one another -- you go on stage and do what you've gotta do and do your job. And then, you know, you don't have to hang out, you don't have to be buddies, you don't have to have dinner together, you don't have to, you know, be brothers. I mean, that's nice -- it makes it a whole lot better and easier. But I think it's kind of unfair that they indulged their egos to the extent that they do."

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