Joe Chin has traveled the world investigating the supernatural and paranormal.  Now Joe, star of the Syfy Channel's Ghost Hunters International brings his ghost hunting skills to the Rome Capitol Theater on October 17.  You can be part of his investigation, click for details.

Joe Chin describes himself as  a "happy go lucky guy" with a skeptical curious side. That's probably what makes him so good at investigating the supernatural.

His interests in paranormals date back to his teenage years. Growing up, Joe remembers that the third floor of his tenement house was always lively with instances of unexplained paranormal activity.


Joe will be part of our Ghost Hunting with the Stars of the Syfy Channel at the Rome Capitol Theater on October 17.  He'll lead an actual investigation and you can be part of the team.  Get details on tickets here.  And check out a couple of his investigations below.

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