The five-year feud between Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams over their neighboring homes took a new turn when Page succeeded in preventing Williams from having an underground swimming pool built.

The trouble began when Williams bought the house next door to Page in Kensington, London, in 2013 and applied to make changes to the premises. Page objected to the planning authorities, claiming his Tower House, which has protected status, faced being damaged by the redevelopment. Last year, Williams issued a pubic apology for suggesting that Page was mentally ill, a comment he had made during their ongoing feud.

Page went to Kensington Town Hall this week to appear at a planners’ meeting. The Guardian reports that he told them he was there "to plead that you take all necessary measures to protect the Tower House from the threat of harm it faces.”

Jimmy Page house
Jack Taylor, Getty Images

Even though Williams’ representatives said that all building work would adhere to regulations, the planners decided to defer permission, subject to further investigation. Williams will be required to provide “legal assurances” regarding the amount of vibration and ground movement involved in the proposed work. The constructors may even be ordered to use only hand tools to avoid potential damage to the foundation and structure of Page’s house.

“I’m really pleased at the outcome, in so much that the council showed so much consideration to Tower House,” Page said after the meeting. “I have been the custodian of the house, and on my watch I feel that I have got to do everything with all these sorts of haphazard things … that really it’s my duty while it’s my watch.”

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