Porn legend Jenna Jameson has stepped back to the pole, and not the pole you’re thinking. She’s been charged with DUI, and drugs and alcohol after smashing her car into a light pole last month in Orange County. Talk about a bust!

TMZ broke the story ... Jameson was arrested after the single-car accident early in the morning on May 25th. We're told she showed signs of intoxication, took a field sobriety test, and was subsequently busted on suspicion of DUI. According to law enforcement, Jenna blew a .13 and had two prescription drugs in her system at the time of her arrest -- zolpidem (Ambien) and buprenorphine (Suboxone).”

According to the reports Jenna has been charged with two counts of DUI and one count of driving without a valid license. If convicted on all counts, Jenna faces up to a year in jail.

Cops were overheard at the scene telling her to go up against the wall and spread em’.

[via TMZ]


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