Think you need an 80-piece orchestra complete with world-class conductor to play the Star Wars Suite? Guess not, apparently you just need a single man with arms like an octopus and a memory like a steel trap, oh and a Wurlitzer organ that would make Captain Nemo or Davy Jones jealous!

Jelani Eddington redefines what it means to be a one man band and proves that organs are not just for church music and classics. Well, supppose this IS a classic now as they say something has to be at least 40 years old to be an antique (but what's that make us??) Let's geek out for a few minutes flying our nerd flags proudly as that's about all the motion we can achieve next to Jelani's skill. It's a miracle that his instrument doesn't melt under the intense level ten epicness he subjects it to.



...Annnnnd the original for comparison...



For you organists, here's Jelani going over some of the finer points of this monster organ



Yes, of course this guy is a master of the piano too... Crazy.



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