There is currently no cure for Cystic Fibrosis (a disease of the lungs) and although it is a terminal condition, that's not stopping Jared Wells from giving it the proverbial middle finger. He's recently been hitting the Body Alive Gym with aspirations of being a body-builder and his efforts to take his life into his own hands have struck a chord with people all over the nation.

I can personally attest to Jared's resolve as together we helped open Wakely's on Varick last March and his work ethic is like no other: uncommon for someone so young (or older for that matter.) If anyone can beat a disease that always takes the life of it's victims, it's Jared. If you'd like to help his cause, you can donate below to help defray his astronomical medical expenses as insurance doesn't cover all that it should...

Go get it Jared!

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