Every year we carve our pumpkins and if we actually do it early enough in the month, by the time Halloween arrives that evil smile you carved is actually a frown. So, how do we keep those jack-o-lanterns alive for as long as possible once our masterpieces are finished? Turns out that you're not entirely at the mercy of Mother Nature and within five minutes and two simple steps, your pumpkin is weather-proofed(ish)...

Step One: DUNK It In Bleach

Well, a bleach solution to be precise. Grab a bucket (that can fit the pumpkin) and fill it three-quarters of the way with water (so it doesn't overflow) and then throw a few capfuls of bleach in it. Hold at least the newly cut portions of the pumpkin underwater for a couple of minutes and you're good to go.

Step Two: Insert Silica Gel Packets

Once your pumpkin has air-dried from the bleach bath, go find the box of the last thing that you ordered on Amazon and grab the silica gel packet, open it and just lay it in the bottom of your pumpkin. Even in the open-air environment this still helps out a great deal and when combined with step one is a one-two punch to keeping the elements off of your Fall creations!

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