Looking to escape? Hudson Valley residents are looking forward to spring, the warmer days, and more fun in the sun.

The winter months can be hard for those who thrive in the sunshine and warmer temps. More than ever, I've been receiving emails from different airlines about how inexpensive it is for a "getaway."

I remember reading about people who book vacations to get a boost of happiness, reduce stress and can experience an elevated mood. Some may refer to this as vacation anticipation or a boost to your mental health. I completely agree, when I book a vacation somewhere warm and tropical, my mood is definitely boosted and it gives me something fun to look forward to.

While we may all agree that it's time to finalize our travel plans and escape the cold, how can we make it possible on a budget?

An Announcement Was Made That Unlimited Summer Flights Are Available At A Hudson Valley Airport


While some prices have increased in grocery stores and gas stations, one airline is proving that they can bring you somewhere enjoyable while it is affordable.

According to CNN,

"Frontier Airlines announces new unlimited summer flight pass" 

This exciting news not only was on social media platforms but also all over the internet. For those who have the travel bug, this is music to their ears.

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Frontier Airlines Has Unlimited Summer Flights Passes Available

Consumers were questioning the unlimited summer flight pass. For instance, it costs $399 which is a great deal in my book. 

According to CNN,

This would be considered an, "all-you-can-fly plan" which allows the airline passengers under Frontier to ultimately book what they would be known as “an unlimited number of flights.”

According to Frontier's website, those interested can start this process on May 2, 2023, and it continues until September 30, 2023.

New York Stewart International Airport Has Frontier Flights In The Hudson Valley

This isn't the first time that Frontier has offered great deals for flights out of the Hudson Valley. In 2022, they surprised residents with the option of having non-stop flights to some of their favorite places, even including international destinations as well.

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What Should Passengers Know Before Booking Flights With Frontier?


I can already hear the same question being asked, "Wait, what's the catch?"

Good thing you asked, it's said that in order to book domestic flights, it would have to be done the day before the actual departure date. However, for international flights, it would be 10 days before the actual trip.

Frontier also has what is known as "blackout periods."  

According to CNN, these periods happen each month of the year which means that flights are not qualified for this promotion of the "GoWild!" pass. Add-ons would also have to be purchased separately. Don't forget about the taxes, fees and charges at the time of booking each flight.

Happy traveling!

What's your favorite airline? Share with us below.

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