Everyone's got eclipse fever here in Upstate New York -- considered one of the best places to be in 2024 to witness this rare celestial phenomenon.

Many schools will either close early or entirely to observe the first total eclipse in New York state since 1925, and now even some chain stores are following suit.

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Photo provided by Wegmans
Photo provided by Wegmans

Wegman's announced it will be briefly closing at the moment the eclipse reaches totality, expected to occur between 3:00 and 3:30pm on the afternoon of April 8th. The half-hour closure will affect Wegmans stores in Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, the Finger Lake and Southern Tier regions, as well as Erie, Pennsylvania.

Regarding the closure, Patrick Bourcy, a regional manager for Wegmans said:

The opportunity to experience a total solar eclipse comes once in a lifetime, and we don’t want our employees to miss out.



You gotta tip your cap to Wegmans for this gesture. Of course, if you're somehow angered or feel inconvenienced by this, isn't there a moving train you could step in front of? It's 30 minutes to observe an unforgettable cosmic event. Your Cheez Whiz and Mountain Dew Code Red can wait.



Experts agree you should NEVER stare at an eclipse FOR EVEN A FEW SECONDS without protective eyewear. But if you don't have glasses, not to worry. Keep scrolling below for alternative ways to safely observe the eclipse:

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