You think it's easy living in the water 24/7? Think again.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is warning coastal New Yorkers to avoid interfering with any "distressed" animals that may find their way onto beaches or shores. This includes whales, dolphins, porpoises and seals.

In a press release from the NY DEC dated January 13th, Commissioner Basil Seggos said:

Observing these animals in the wild can be an exciting and unforgettable experience. However, DEC urges New Yorkers to keep their distance and refrain from attempting to intervene during stranding events. Stranded animals will need professional medical care and the best way to help is to immediately contact the Stranding Hotline.

It's human nature to want to help an animal in distress. We do it with our fellow humans all the time: Amanda from HR has been heard quietly sobbing in her cubicle for hours at a time, so you try to cheer her up with one of those chocolate oranges you have to smash on a surface to break apart. She loves those stupid things, so her pain and anguish immediately wash away. That's all it takes, man, one of those chocolate oranges.

Same with animals, maybe even more so: We see a seal on the beach who maybe looks confused and/or sick, and we want to help them back into the loving bosom of the Atlantic ocean. BUT DON'T DO IT. Let them sit there and think about what they've done.


If you find yourself in a coastal New York area and come across one of these situations, you're encouraged to call the 24-hour New York Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Stranding Hotline at (631) 369-9829. 

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