The 2023 PGA Championship, which is being played at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, is officially underway! The best golfers from around the world, who play in both the PGA Tour and the LIV Golf Tour, are set to compete against one another in golf's second major of the season.

Based on the weather, and existing course conditions, it's not going to be an easy weekend in Upstate for anyone.

We've put together a list of a few highlights from this year's field of golfers, so you know what to expect down the stretch on Sunday evening, when the trophy is about to be handed out.

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Setting the Field for the 2023 PGA Championship in Rochester, NY

The handicappers have spoken ahead of the 2023 PGA Championship, and thanks to the folks at CBS Sports, we were able to get an idea of which golfers may be the favorites to win it all this weekend.

Some would argue that the amount of attention being paid to the sport of golf right now has never been higher, and they'd probably be right. The addition of the LIV Golf Tour has provided great theater for golf fans, as PGA officials continue to work to combat any advancements made to the game by their new rivals.

For most of the golf season, the two tours exist parallel to one another. The PGA has its events, and the LIV Tour has its own separate events, with essentially zero acknowledgement of the opposing tour at any point.

It's only during the major tournaments, like the PGA Championship and The Masters before it, when we get to see these two worlds collide.

Ironically enough, players from both tours are considered favorites to win the trophy this weekend at Oak Hill. Scroll below to see the top ten favored players, according to the oddsmakers, as well as the current odds for each of them to win it all in Upstate New York.

Which golfer will you be backing this weekend?

Ten Golfers with the Best Odds to Win Upstate NY Major Tournament

The 2023 PGA Championship is being played at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, and these ten players have the best odds to win the trophy.

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