This sounds like a April Fool's joke in December? Have you heard about the new holiday drink that approximately NOBODY has asked for. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big believer in not knocking something until giving it a try but this, this has made even my adventurous palate taste a little bit sour.

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Your favorite condiment company, Hellmann's has teamed up with the Brooklyn, New York based company called Muddling Memories and a muddle they have made. The two companies have created a drink that is raising all sorts of eyebrows because it's literally mayo-nog.

How Mayo-nog Is Made

Nope I'm not kidding. As most of us know, Eggnog is made of eggs and in this odd drink concoction, instead of the egg, they have replaced it with mayonnaise which also is made of egg but also includes oil and vinegar.

Hellmann and Muddling Mixology say that mayo-nog can be poured in a glass and served at your next holiday gathering as a beverage. You can also use it as a drizzle or a glaze on desserts or pancakes. Maybe I've judged this concoction a little too quickly.

Here's another thing that could work in it's favor, the mayo-nog also contains run, apple brandy, and cognac. After you have a drink or two, then you may not really care what it tastes like.

Here's your chance to drink your mayonnaise this Christmas season. My mom always said that I should try something before I knock it but I'm willing to bet she wasn't talking about mayo-nog.

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