There was a time not that long ago that a comic book fan would endure whatever superhero slop Hollywood produced and respond with “Please sir, I want some more.” Maybe once a decade a studio would release something of merit. In between it was all Judge Dredds and  and Fantastic Fours so bad they were never officially screened in any legitimate format. Those were rough years.

These days, the standards have changed. Back then, it was considered a victory if a movie superhero looked vaguely like the character from the comics and the people involved didn’t openly mock graphic novels while publicizing their films. These days, Marvel and DC regularly produce enormous blockbusters; often two or three mega-movies every single year. It’s not enough for a superhero film to be faithful anymore. In this hyper-competitive environment, basic competency just isn’t enough.

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Comic-book fans are so spoiled now, and have so many legitimately great films to choose from, that they can afford to be a little more critical about the rest. This list is about the rest — superhero movies of the past that have gotten to be a bit overrated.

Now these movies are, in most cases, not bad. Most are at least okay; a few are solidly good. But all of them, for one reason or another, have garnered somewhat inflated reputations. I’ll get into the specific reasons why in the actual list. So let’s dive right in...

The Most Overrated Superhero Movies

While all of these films are varying degrees of okay to good, they’re not nearly as great as their reputations suggest.
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The Worst Superhero Movie Costumes

Superhero movies costumes have gotten incredible sophisticated in recent years. But they weren’t always that way — and even today, there are still some costumes that don’t quite work out.