New York's minimum wage will increase each year for the next three-years under the late state budget passed this week by state lawmakers.

As was the case in the last multi-year scale-up of base pay in the Empire State, New York City, Long Island and Westchester will see a slightly higher rate of pay that upstate.

The current $15-per-hour in NYC, LI and Westchester will increase to $16 in 2024, than by 0.50-cents each year after - reaching $17 by 2026.  Upstate, now at $14.20, moves to $15 on New Year's Day, followed by two year's of 0.50-cent bumps to reach $16 by 2026.

In 2027, the increase in the rate would be based on the Consumer Price Index, official said.

Over the last decade, New Yorkers have seen concerns about lagging wages double the minimum wage. It was $7.25 as recently as Christmas of 2013. The 2016-17 budget passed by the legislature and then-Governor Cuomo this multi-stop increase that reached it's peak five-months ago.

Graph from showing state's minimum wage step increases
Graph from showing state's minimum wage step increases

Above chart found at

New York's budget was finally fully approved on Tuesday after missing the April 1 deadline.

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