Prepare to Be Butter-ly Amazed

It's the unofficial kickoff of the 2023 New York State Fair! Unveiling the annual Butter Sculpture serves as the symbolic start of festivities  - and this year's masterpiece is nothing short of breathtaking.

This year's theme is "Dairy Every Day is a Healthy Way." The mesmerizing piece depicts a cow operating a steam train, called the New York State Express, that's pulling cars full of smiling, waving children.

Credit - American Dairy Association North East via Facebook
Credit - American Dairy Association North East via Facebook

Each car outlines a benefit of consuming dairy, such as highlighting brain health and growth.

It was sculpted by artists Jim Victor and Marie Pelton, who have been creating the fair's main attraction for over 20 years.

The pair spent weeks expertly crafting the characters, locomotive and signs that breathe life into the spectacular scene.

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For the second year and a row, a splash of color was added to the sight, which spectators can see in the centerpiece of the sculpture. The sign bears this year's theme that also invites people to "get on board" by consuming dairy like milk, yogurt, and cheese.

Additionally, it was also announced by Sean Hennessey, Director of the New York State Fair, that a QR code will be set up by this year's sculpture to allow spectators to "butterize" themselves.

This attraction is the 55th Butter Sculpture in the NYS Fair's storied history. It was introduced Tuesday by American Dairy Association North East (ADANE) Vice President of Consumer Communications, Diana Dibble.

You can watch the broadcast on Facebook and catch a panoramic view of the sculpture before the fair opens its doors.

Hundreds of pounds of butter!

Over 800 pounds of locally sourced butter was used to construct this impressive sculpture. The massive blob of butter rolled into the fairgrounds last week from O-AT-KA Milk Products in Batavia, where it promptly underwent a total transformation.

For those worrying that the annual sculpture is a massive waste of food, be assured that every ounce had already been deemed unsuitable for sale or consumption.

In short, it's scrap butter that will then be recycled after the fair's conclusion.

Courtesy of NYS Fair
Courtesy of NYS Fair

The sculpture will be given a life after the fair. It will be deconstructed and transported to Noblehurst Farms in Livingston County to be made into renewable energy.

It will be transformed into electricity used to power homes in the local community.

The tradition started 8 years ago and has only grown in popularity.

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The NYS Fair is a 13-day extravaganza that kicks off Wednesday, August 23, and runs through Sunday, September 4.

The fair was recently crowned one of America's favorite summertime events and beat out all other state fairs in the nation.

NYS Fair
NYS Fair

This year, families will be able to take part in a slew of exciting events. Among them include the circus, petting zoos, Iroquois social dancing, and music by artists like Ann Wilson, Ludacris, Bret Michaels, Lee Greenwood, and George Thorogood and The Destroyers.

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