Everyone has a story about a terrible traffic experience at New Hartford's Consumer Square during the holidays. Here in Central New York, we are very lucky to have limited traffic in our day to day travel throughout the year, but there is the ultimate exception.

'Tis The Season

From the time Halloween ends to Christmas Day, people rush to area stores to begin their holiday shopping. Unfortunately for most of us, a few of these shoppers leave their brains at home.


It has become a regular nightmare if you find yourself from the area of "At Home" on Commercial Drive to the entrance to Consumer Square further down the road.

In fact, recently there was a major accident involving four cars due to the traffic jams that can occur around that area.

New Hartford Police say on Friday, November 17th units responded to the four car crash in the area of Consumer Square.

As if traffic wasn't bad enough, this accident caused even more headache for travelers and police.

People must understand the importance of paying attention to everything but your phone and "beating the light." Traffic signals play an important role, especially in that area of Commercial Drive.

Steps You Can Take to Not Drive Stupid

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  1. Follow Traffic Signals - When you see a yellow light, that does not mean speed up to try and beat the red light. It is a warning to you the drive to slow down and prepare for the red light. The danger zone underneath the 840 bridge can be a real headache. If you don't follow traffic signals you will be "that guy (or gal)" preventing people entering and exiting the highway.
  2. Be Patient - Everyone is trying their best to get to their store, get in and get out. The store isn't going anywhere. You will get what you're looking for and if not there is always Amazon. Why get your blood pressure up? It's not worth it.
  3. Pay Attention - Be vigilant. We all are guilty of peeking at our texts or getting in a few more TikTok video glances while behind the wheel, but when there is bumper to bumper traffic you can't afford to take your eyes off the road for even a second. The winter weather can also have an impact on backed up and heavy traffic.
  4. Be Kind! - The idea of the holiday season is to treat others kindly and with compassion. It doesn't cost you anything to be nice to one another, but tickets for road rage incidents or accidents can be costly. Use traffic Karma! If someone lets you into the lane, return the favor.

It's simple. Don't be dumb and use your common sense. If you need to go out and dare to drive during this insane shopping season make sure you're being considerate and be sure to lighten the load for law enforcement.

As always drive safe and have a Happy Holiday season.

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