There's been an uptick in reported vehicle larcenies and thefts in the Mohawk Valley and one local police department has apparently had it.

The Oneida City Police Department is warning residents, especially those in the neighborhoods surrounding Hunt Valley Road and Cedarcrest Lane, that criminals are breaking into people's cars and stealing valuables.

The department offered tips on how residents can prevent themselves from becoming a victim, but their final piece of advice is somewhat unorthodox.

Nothing like a pack of angry bees to stop a would-be thief in their tracks. While the advice is clearly tongue-in-cheek, it makes one wonder how police came up with the concept of filling a decoy purse with spicy pollinators.

Any local beekeeper willing to help a potential theft victim out? from Claudio Valdes's Images from Claudio Valdes's Images

That said, Oneida Police are hoping residents heed their warnings about making their cars as unappealing to would-be criminals. This type of crime is almost entirely preventable and all one needs to do is take their valuables with them so even if someone smashes into the car, there's nothing there for them to grab.

Unfortunately, smash-and-grab vehicle robberies are happening all over Central New York - sometimes in broad daylight and in heavily populated areas.

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Victim Andrea Florentino reached out to Townsquare Media about being victimized by the brazen robbery. She explained that she and a friend of hers had walked the Rayhill Memorial Trail and found both of their cars broken into upon their return.

She shared these photos with WIBX:

Photos of Brazen Smash and Grab at Popular Hiking Trail in Central New York

Andrea Florentino was devastated to see her and her friend's car broken into while they walked a popular trail in Whitestown. She is hoping to raise awareness so that no one else has to endure what she and her friend are going through.

Gallery Credit: Megan

Unfortunately for Florentino and her friend, the thief made away with both their purses and other valuables.

The two hope by sharing their story, it'll help someone else from becoming a victim.

Then again, maybe a purse filled with angry bees might just fix the problem of these overconfident daylight window smashers.

Thanks for the hilarious tip, Oneida City Police!

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