After the big stir at President Joe Biden's State of the Union Address earlier this month regarding some Republicans wanting to end Social Security and Medicare benefits, a Central New York Republican is making his position clear on the issue.

Biden's speech was momentarily interrupted by a chorus of boos after saying some in the GOP wanted to sunset the social safety net programs. Now, many Republicans are publicly clearing the air on their own positions on those programs.

NY-22 Congressman Brandon Williams is among them, taking to social media on Monday with a definitive stance on the issue.

"I have not voted, nor will I vote, to slash Social Security or Medicare. We made a promise to our seniors and I intend on fighting to make sure we keep that promise," Williams wrote on his Congressman Brandon Williams Facebook page.

His stance on the issue does reflect what many GOP leaders have outlined since Biden's SOTU - when after being pelted with boos from Republicans, the President quipped that both parties have found unanimity on one issue and cuts to those programs should be taken off the table.

That sentiment was echoed by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who days after the President's national address said any cuts to the two programs were completely off the table, at least in regard to ongoing negotiation's over raising the U.S. debt ceiling.

Williams, though, was more resolute in saying he'd fight to fulfill promises made the seniors through such programs without a qualifier of the current debt squabble.

The first-term representative is serving in the first-term of the newly drawn 22nd Congressional District, which encompasses all of Madison, Oneida and Onondaga counties, along with the Oswego County town of Constantia and village of Cleveland.

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