If you're looking to wow your partner with a romantic getaway, apparently New York State is not the place to take them.

Honeymoon Always surveyed 3,000 couples to find out which lesser-known romantic destinations they would most like to visit. Once completed, they published "America’s Top 175 Alternative Romantic Destinations." On the top of the list, states like Florida and Hawaii shined. Of course they would, how could it not be romantic on a beach and somewhere warm?

You had to scroll down until you hit 23 to see New York:

6Pigeon ForgeTennessee
7DurhamNorth Carolina
8Mackinac IslandMichigan
11LewisburgWest Virginia
13Cannon BeachOregon
14Cape MayNew Jersey
16CarlsbadNew Mexico
17Pismo BeachCalifornia
18Hot SpringsArkansas
22Eureka SpringsArkansas
23HudsonNew York

New York made the list 5 times:

23) Hudson

71) Beacon

92) Lake George

114) Kingston

149) Saratoga Springs

How In The World?

How did the survey miss amazing places like Lake Placid, Old Forge, Inlet, you name it? Seriously though.

Thrillist curated a list of the best places to spend a romantic weekend in each state, and they picked a town in the Fingerlakes. Skaneateles was the winner there.

New York came in at number fifty of affordable date states, and honestly, are we shocked there?

Do you think this survey was wrong? Is New York State romantic? If so, where is it the most romantic? Text us on our station app to let us know.

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