If you ever wanted to break into the world of acting, this is your moment. You won't even need to leave Utica.

The Oneida County History Center is seeking actors for its upcoming stage production of “Utica Boo!” This production will feature ghosts from historical Utica’s past thanks to one local author.

Author and paranormal investigator Dennis Webster wrote this work of historical fiction as a fundraiser for the History Center. According to the Daily Sentinel, performances are planned for September 26th and September 27th.

“The creation and performance of Utica Boo! is to create a fun and interactive performance that helps people learn a bit about the area’s history in an enjoyable way. The play features notable people from Utica’s past, and props with local connections including the Utica crib, chicken riggies, tomato pie, Utica greens, turkey joints, and Utica Club,” said Rebecca McLain, executive director of OCHC.

What Roles Can You Audition For?

The auditions are to fill the roles of nine characters. These characters include some of the following: Lady Vadona (a crystal ball-reading fortune teller), Brittany (a student of history who wishes to contact the historical ghosts to get their first-hand history), and ghosts of Utica’s past including names like Roscoe Conkling, Chester Gillette, Roxalana Druse, Mary Runkle, Erastus Clark, Dr. Amariah Brigham, Leda Beecher, and Mary Runkle.

How Do You Audition?

Actors or any one interested in getting into acting should contact Dennis Webster at denniswbstr@gmail.com for a character dossier, script, and to schedule an audition. Break a leg and make Central New York proud!

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