Let's be real- We know that there are a ton of great restaurant options across Upstate New York. New York as a whole is known for great food. We have some of the best in America.

Did you know that six of the Top 100 restaurants in the county are right here in New York State? According to the website Opentable.com, they just came up with the Top 100 restaurants:

Culled from over 12 million verified diner reviews and dining metrics including diner ratings, percentage of reservations made in advance, and five-star reviews, the list highlights some of the top spots favored by diners this year."

Here's the six restaurants that made the cut from New York State:

1) Bad Roman – New York, NY
2) Del Vino Vineyards – Northport, NY
3) Lucia’s on the Lake – Hamburg, NY
4) River Cafe – Brooklyn, NY
5) Sushi on Me – Jackson Heights, NY
6) The Farm Italy Restaurant + Bar – Huntington, NY"

Upstate New York Ignored On Food Network's 100 Best Burgers

In a recent list of the "100 Best Burgers In America" from Food Network, Upstate New York was completely ignored. The list from Food Network highlights over 105 restaurants from across America where you can find the best burgers

The only New York restaurants that made the list were ones in New York City. It's as if Upstate New York didn't even exist. Which is ironic because one of the best burgers in the state is from Central New York.

The New York Beef Council named the Best Burger In New York State from Ale 'n' Angus Pub in Syracuse. They were voted “Best Burger” in New York State for 2021. They also claimed the same title in 2012, 2013, 2018, and 2019 from New York Beef Council.

You can read more here.

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