What looks like a yellow paint splotch or mustard, is actually a living thing in New York State.

Have you ever been walking through the woods and seen this? It wouldn't make any sense for a painter to be way out in the woods... unless that someone is Bob Ross. And we all know that isn't the case here.

So what the heck is it?

Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Physarum Polycephalum

This splotch was actually found in the Ferris Lake Wild Forest in Herkimer County.

A mouthful of a name is what it is. It's not a plant, animal or fungus... but instead a slime mold. Physarum Polcephalum is a native to the northeast and a plays a key role in the forest ecosystem.

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It has an important job to decompose old, dead and decaying trees. The mold will spread across the tree, breaking down whatever nutrients were left. This quickly speeds up the decaying process, giving way for new life to grow in its place.

Slowly Taking Over

Speaking of speed, watch this mold go! It can move up to 4cm per hour, breaking down trees much faster than you'd think. The mold even has the ability to navigate mazes on its own. The Paris Zoo loves it so much, they gave the mold its own exhibit.

If you see it, just appreciate its hard work – and maybe take a photo for your own neat story to share!

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So next time you are out in the woods, keep an eye out for the yellow mold. And whatever you do, don't let your friends mistake it for spilt mustard.

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