Why walk around the neighborhood on a weeknight, when you can come to this racetrack on the weekend?

When it comes to Trick-or-Treating, you need to know the right places to get the most candy. Regardless of how hard you go on the costume, the candy haul is the biggest takeaway of the night for the kids.

But who needs neighborhoods, when you can go to a racetrack instead?

Credit - Mayor Billy Barlow via Facebook
Credit - Mayor Billy Barlow via Facebook

Trunk or Treat - Oswego Speedway

What started as a way to celebrate Halloween safely during the Coronavirus pandemic has turned into an annual tradition. For the fourth year in a row, Trunk or Treat will be held at the Oswego Speedway.

Make plans to bring the kids, decked out in their Halloween costumes to the Speedway on October 28th. Candy can be collected from the trunks of cars that will be parked on the track this year from 12 PM to 3 PM. If Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, and it rains, the event will turn into a drive-thru.

"This event allows Oswego residents a great opportunity to get in the Halloween spirit, collect some candy, and interact with local leaders, businesses, and organizations," said Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow.

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Be a Trunk

Hundreds of trick-or-treaters lined up last year to collect candy from all the trunks at the Speedway. Anyone wishing to be a vendor and hand out candy at this year's Trunk or Treat is asked to contact the Oswego Youth Bureau at 315-349-3451 EXT 3451 or email Jlosurdo@oswegony.org.

Credit - Mayor Billy Barlow via Facebook
Credit - Mayor Billy Barlow via Facebook

Haunted Tunnel in Oswego

The Halloween Creepy Crawl is back in Central New York this year with a spookier twist in a new haunted tunnel.

The annual haunted riverwalk in Oswego will be transformed the train tunnel on East First Street into a haunted tunnel. There will also be ax chuckers, rock climbing, a mechanical bull, live music, food, and beverages in the beer garden that will be held in Rotary Park. "Same event, new twist," said Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow.

Hosting the haunted trail in the train tunnel freshens the event and will provide a different experience from years past. Now, regardless of if you’ve been to the Creepy Crawl before or not, you have reason to support the event once again.

The Haunted Tunnel will be held from October 26th-28th and is free to the public.

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