Tis the season for maple syrup. And there's lots of it in New York. More than any other state in the country, besides Vermont.

The unique climate, especially this season, is perfect for making maple syrup. With over 2,000 tapable maple trees, the most in the U.S., New York is one of the largest sugarmaking states in the country.

Maple Weekend Sugarmakers

Get up close and personal with pure maple during Maple Weekend 2024. Participating farms will offer unique, sweet fun for two weekends this month - March 16 & 17, and March 23 & 24.

Here are 9 places to tap into for sweet maple syrup in and around Central New York. You can see the full list of Maple Weekend Sugarmakers in New York at Mapleweekend.nysmaple.com.

Tap Into 9 Sweet Maple Syrup Farms in New York

Tis the season for maple syrup. Tap the deliciousness at these 9 sweet farms in New York.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

Making Maple Syrup

Delicious maple syrup is made simply by removing water from the sap to concentrate the natural sugars and nutrients made by the tree. But it takes a lot of sap to make a little maple syrup - 40 gallons of sap for just one gallon of syrup.

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Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Superior Taste & Quality

Locally-produced maple is always better in taste and quality than store-bought brands. There's nothing quite like the taste of homemade pancakes slathered in butter and locally produced maple syrup.

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Oneida Indian Nation Syrup

The Oneida Indian Nation is tapping into the maple syrup business. Hundreds of new maple trees are being planted on ancestral land where a 'small-batch' approach will yield a higher quality product.

The new certified organic maple syrup will be sold under the brand of Wahta Maple Farm.

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Wahta Maple Syrup can be found at SaveON, Maple Leaf Market stores, and the Turning Stone. It will also be sold at additional retail locations throughout the region.

Wahta Maple Farm - via Oneida Indian Nation
Wahta Maple Farm - via Oneida Indian Nation

From A to Z- Discover Delicious Maple Syrup In The Utica And Rome Area

Here's a look at places from A-Z. Obviously, we know there are many many more that could be added on the list. You can text us your favorites on our station app. Here's our list just highlighting some at random, in alphabetical order:

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler