Have you ever been driving and a billboard caught your eye? Sometimes all it takes is a few choice words to break the norm and get your attention. And we could all use a little more entertainment on the road.

That's exactly what this restaurant did in Yorkville.

A Sign Feta Than the Others

BBG's (Beer Bites Games) newest change to their road sign on Commercial Drive is getting A LOT of attention... and for all the right reasons.

Sitting right next door to Symeon's Greek Restaurant, they've taken the opportunity to tease their neighbors any chance they can get. Having a large road sign out front, why not do it there... while promoting what they have to offer at the same time.

This Isn't the First Time!

It was only a couple months ago that the "sign wars" kicked-off again for the football season.

While trying to promote their NFL Sunday Ticket, they decided to take another playful jab at their neighbor next door. But Symeon's wasn't letting BBG's be the only one having fun.

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It's a sign that would catch anyone off guard, but in the best way possible. People are always interested in drama, especially between two businesses. Luckily it's all love between these two.

The Roasts Aren't New!

Back in 2021, both BBG's and Symeon's Greek Restaurant went viral for their "friendly sign war". They had commuters turning their heads, all because of the corny things they were putting on their signs. And who wouldn't? They were hilarious!

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There's nothing better than a little fun between two neighboring businesses. And it all started with a simple question... "want to have a sign war?"

See BBG's and Symeon's "Friendly Sign Wars" Through the Years

If you ever needed a pick me up, you need to drive by these two restaurants on Commercial Drive. Sure, we will go there for the good food... But I'm stopping in to meet the masterminds behind these hilarious signs.
Their "friendly sign war" has been going back-and-forth since 2021, and here are some of the highlights.

Gallery Credit: Carl

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