Imagine working a 12-hour overnight shift and coming out to your car to discover it had been vandalized. It happened to a nurse in Utica, New York.

Remember when nurses and First Responders were applauded for being on the front lines during COVID? Just because the pandemic is over, doesn't mean nurses and doctors stopped doing their jobs. They should always be appreciated, not just during a crisis.

Karlie Schreppel is at nurse at the new Wynn Hospital in downtown Utica. After working a long 12-hour overnight shift she found vandals has caused extensive damage to multiple parts of her car.

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"It's incredibly disheartening to see this happen, especially when we're working hard to provide care to our own community."

Credit - Karlie Schreppel/Facebook
Credit - Karlie Schreppel/Facebook

Not First Vandalism

Schreppel says this isn't the first time something like has happened to cars in the Wynn parking lot. "It only highlights the safety concerns many of us face while working in this area."

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Despite the vandalism, Schreppel feels lucky it was only her car that was damaged. But what about next time? "There are many times I leave the hospital in the middle of the night to go home. Unfortunately, the parking areas at our hospital lacks the necessary security measures, putting both nurses and the public at risk."

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The vandalized car was parked only a few hundred feet away from the employee entrance at the Wynn Hospital where Schreppel says a security guard sits all night long. She's hoping something can be done to make things safer for everyone at the hospital.

"Safe parking is not just a convenience; it’s essential for our wellbeing and peace of mind after long, tiring shifts. We are dedicated to caring for our community, and we hope our community can stand with us in advocating for a safer working environment."

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