Grab your camera! Here's a great opportunity to both enjoy the great outdoors AND win some fun prizes while you're at it. The best news, it's fun and free for everyone.

American Robin on a fence

2023 I BIRD NY Challenge

Thanks to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, I BIRD NY Challenge is back and better than ever. All you need is your phone and a love for the outdoors.

In order to complete the challenge, you have to correctly identify any 10 bird species of your choice in New York State. It can be on a nature trail, in the woods, or even in your backyard. You just have to complete your Challenge Sheet while you do it.

Everyone who participates will be given a commemorative patch, a completion certificate, and then entered into a drawing for several great birding prizes. The DEC will choose 2 Youth and 2 Adult winners.

Blue Jay sitting on a Tree Branch

Bird Fun for Everyone!

DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos says it's a great opportunity to take advantage of, with spring migration in full swing.

No matter where you live or where you come from, birdwatching is a fun, easy, and affordable activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, abilities, identities, and backgrounds.

The I BIRD NY program was originally launched back in 2017 in order to promote outdoor engagement in New York State. Birdwatching is great because it doesn't matter how much you make or who you are. It's simply a great opportunity to admire nature at no cost with your friends and family.

Hungry great spotted woodpecher looking back

Where Can I Go?

There are so many places in the state to go bird watching. Of course, you could just set up a bird feeder in your backyard. But what about venturing out to different places?

Luckily for you, the DEC has you covered. They have a New York State Birding Trail map, highlighting all of the best locations for bird watching across the state. You can also see the map through Google Maps.

All other information about birding and the 2023 I BIRD NY Challenge can be found through the DEC's websites.

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