As the co-founder and primary songwriter for Skid Row, Rachel Bolan has enjoyed a career spanning over 30 years. Despite millions of albums sold and a legion of dedicated fans, there’s still one thing the bassist wants to do before the band is through.

“One thing that we’ve never done and I would love to do before our career is over is play Madison Square Garden, because – believe it or not – we’ve never played there,” the rocker admitted during a conversation with KOZZ’s Harley Roxx.

Bolan went on to reveal that Skid Row came close to playing the famous New York venue on two different occasions, but fate got in the way.

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“We were supposed to play there twice,” the bassist explained. “Once when we were out with Bon Jovi and once when we were with Aerosmith, back in the day. And, the thing with arenas, if there’s a sports team and they go into the playoffs, the playoffs get priority. So, I believe the New York Knicks went into the playoffs one time and the Rangers went another time.”

Though Bolan, who was born in nearby New Jersey, still hopes to one day check Madison Square Garden off his bucket list, he’s maintaining a level head about the whole thing.

“We want to do it. But if it doesn’t happen, I can’t be sad, because we’ve accomplished so much cool shit,” the rocker explained. “But if it does happen, it’ll be really special.”

Is Skid Row Touring in 2024?

Skid Row has an extended run of North American tour dates lined up for 2024. The band hits the road starting Feb. 27 in Garden City, Idaho, then winds its way across the U.S. and Canada before coming to an end March 23 at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

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Several of the performances are make-up dates after the group had to postpone some fall 2023 shows. Singer Erik Gronwall, who is a cancer survivor, needed to take time off to battle a serious infection.

“Due to the stem cell transplantation I did on August 12, 2021 my immune system is still partially impaired, which can result in longer time before clearance of infections and also impaired fitness during infections," the singer explained on social media at that time. "It will get better with time and all I can do until then is roll with the punches and ensure I have a better balance in terms of touring.”

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