Lawrence Gowan has revealed the mandate he was given when he joined Styx’s lineup.

The keyboardist and singer, who replaced the band’s founding frontman Dennis DeYoung in 1999, detailed the experience during an appearance on the Jeremy White Show podcast.

“When I joined, the mandate on the table was, ‘We’re going to play 100 shows every year,’” Gowan explained, noting Styx’s dedication to touring. “And we’ve stuck to that. And that’s quite a pace that we’ve been on.”

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The rocker further suggested that Styx’s road warrior perspective has helped the group maintain their passionate fanbase. “The lifeblood of a band is both coming up with new ideas and definitely playing live,” Gowan declared.

“I’m not being immodest when I tell you, Styx put on a fantastic rock show,” he continued, noting that Styx’s concerts are just as strong now as they were when he first joined. “I see it every night. From where I am, I’m entertained by the other guys on the stage. They’re just that good.”

Will Styx Be Touring in 2024?

True to their creed, Styx already have performances lined up for 2024. The band will begin the year with a handful of dates in the South, before heading to Las Vegas for a residency at the Venetian.

Though Gowan admitted the band will alter the set list during their stay in Sin City, he also promised fans will hear all of the group’s classic hits.

“You’ll never see a Styx show where we don’t play ‘Renegade’ and ‘Come Sail Away’ and ‘Grand Illusion’ and ‘Blue Collar Man’ and ‘Fooling Yourself’ and ‘Too Much Time on My Hands’ and ‘Lady,’" he explained. "These songs are in every show. They have to be…. And we love to play them.”

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