Brian May has expressed outrage after fans reported that their Queen + Adam Lambert concert videos had been removed from YouTube and Instagram.

The action was reportedly taken by Universal and Sony Music, according to images shared on social media. After receiving multiple reports from fans that their footage had been taken down, May posted his thoughts on the issue.

“Hi Folks – – I’ve been watching this for a few days, and I’m very concerned,” the guitarist wrote. “I’ve asked our management to look into it, and try to figure out if there is a reason for Instagram and Universal suddenly becoming so Draconian.”

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May went on to explain that he and his bandmates were not were not consulted regarding the crackdown on fan-shot videos.

“The decision to take these videos down certainly hasn’t come from us, the band,” the rocker insisted. “Hopefully we will get an answer soon. Meanwhile, be extra careful and I’m sorry you good folks of good intentions have been put in this position.”

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