The warm weather is here in Western New York, at least for a couple of days. As we see record breaking temperatures creep in to the area, it is also time for the wildlife to be on the move. Many animals that have been hibernating or waiting out the winter are on the prowl.

Snakes wait for the warm weather to start to move. It's called brumation:

Snakes typically emerge from brumation — a low-energy state that they enter during winter in order to survive colder temperatures —

There are a variety of snakes in and around New York State and we just spotted one in a park in Western New York!

Many people have a fear of snakes. Add me to that list of people with the affliction known as Ophidiophobia. Ophidiophobia is an extreme, overwhelming fear of snakes.

There is a good chance that just outside the house, in your backyard, is a snake slithering around and looking for an easy meal like a mouse, mole or chipmunk. But some snakes may be lurking around that lake or pond you swim in and they look nasty!

Here is a picture of a snake that a listener found in a park near West Falls, New York!

WYRK Listener Photo

Most people who have seen this photo think it is a water snake of some sort.

According to A-Z

There are 17 species of snakes in New York, and three of these can be found lurking in the water. Thankfully, none of them are venomous,

Regardless if they are venomous or not, they sure look nasty!!!!

Here is a smaller snake I found in my backyard.

Snake in Clay's Yard
Snake in Clay's Yard

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Gallery Credit: Clay Moden