As we get closer to the unofficial start to summer, there are a few things that every New York resident should keep in mind to stay safe. Fore those who drive, there is always a new distraction waiting to pop up and for those who walk or ride bikes, you have to stay alert and focused.

The good weather is here and there is a good chance that you and the family will be out celebrating and having fun. The days are getting longer and there are more and more events to do these days. Longer days can also mean you will be using your phone more often. When you go to charge that phone or electric bike, fire companies have a warning.

In New York City specifically, the fire officials are asking residents to be extra careful where and how they charge anything that is powered by a battery.

According to reports, lithium ion battery fires are the leading cause of fire deaths in New York City this year. There have been 77 lithium-ion battery fires so far this year, injuring 56 people and killing nine. Last year six people died due to these fires and there were no such fires in 2020.

Walden Environmental Engineering indicated that:

Users should know what regulations pertain to devices that use lithium-ion batteries in storage and how responsible owners can mitigate the potential for fires.

These are the dangers according to their report:

The heat in these batteries builds up and can cause a thermal runaway. The battery packs, when they fail, shoot cells as far as 60 feet and can result in multiple fires.

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