This stinks. There are some major changes that are coming to New York State Dollar Trees.

Some people think that it is okay, but there is some big news about all of the Dollar Trees in the State of New York. Not all of the items at the Dollar Tree are going to be $1.25 anymore. There are going to be items that cost $3 and $5 as well. Of course, $1.25 items will still be available as well.

Even the Dollar Tree website has some of the specifics laid out, as more and more Dollar Trees start converting to sell higher priced items:

For just $3 and $5, you can score amazing finds on seasonal and holiday supplies, home décor, crafts, toys and games, party supplies, electronics..."

Some of the stores have already been converted to the 'Dollar Tree PLUS', as they are calling it. But, it's not REALLY a "dollar" store anymore (obviously, it has not been since they changed everything to be $1.25), but you could expect EVERYTHING when you walk into the store to be that cheap price. Now, you're going to have other items at different prices. Now the Dollar Tree's are going to be just like any other ordinary store.

Now, the process of converting to DOLLAR TREE PLUS,  has started a few years back, but the timeline for some of the New York State stores is now. You can expect to see over 5,000 of the Dollar Trees carrying the $3 and $5 priced items by the end of 2024.

We love going to the Dollar Tree, you can get some things that you just need for projects, around the house, or disposables without feeling guilty for over-paying. It will be a shame if some of these items start to rise, but then again, EVERYTHING in all industries seems to be rising in price.

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