We're experiencing sub-zero wind chills in CNY and that can cause some problems for your eyes if you don't wear protection.

Although we're still expected to work in extreme temperatures, our body is NOT designed to handle conditions like the dangerous cold and -30 wind chills. So, keeping that in mind, yes, our eyes can freeze, along with other body parts.

Those who need to be outside on these temperatures should protect their eyes with goggles. As the wind hits your eyes, they will start tearing. That tearing is your eyes anti-freeze, and once it hits your face, it will freeze. Your dry/cold eyes will also force you to blink which in turn, acts as a door shutting out the elements.

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Princeton University says forcing your eyes open in strong winds and extreme cold with no protection from the extreme cold can cause your cornea to freeze. The Weather Network says It’s even possible for contact lenses to freeze to the eyeballs.

The eyes are usually thawed by the time the victim gets to a physician, and any damage can usually heal in days or weeks, but severe cases could result in tissue loss requiring restorative surgery.

Winter Weather Preparation:

      • Keep your cell phone charged and make sure you know where your backup power supply is.
      • Make sure all your flashlights have fresh batteries.
      • Fill your gas tank. You can use your car to keep warm and recharge devices.
      • Have some food available that you don’t need to cook.
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